NC.STYLE CEO Nicole Chen being interviewed by Famous Fashion Online Chinese Media IFeng Part 3/3

Interview done by Xu Gehui in New York


Nicole Chen was in New York for Fashion Week in September 2012. For the occasion of the 10 year anniversary of Y-3 brand (famous fashion brand – collaboration of Fashion Design Yohji Yamamoto and sports brand Adidas), she talked about the history of the development of Y-3 in China that has become the largest market in the world with the higher number of stores and how enthusiastic she is when looking back in time when the brand only started having a few pieces. Nicole Chen explains the uniqueness of the collaboration of this brand and how it perfectly matches with the consumer’s life style and adapts to the changes in life. The fusion between the traditional Japanese fashion and the creative western fashion has created a unique combination and style which has made their success.

Nicole Chen shares her knowledge and expertise of the Chinese market and gives some suggestions on how western fashion brands should develop in mainland China and create localised business strategies. She also describes some Chinese fashion brands that have now decided to expand internationally such as JNBY and gives her opinion regarding their development and explains which issues are important for them to be careful about.

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