Forget China! Here Are 13 Mens Wholesale Clothing Vendors In The USA

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In this video, I’m going to highlight the best mens wholesale clothing vendors from the US. Don’t go China in the beginning or else you might end up with a bunch of clothes you can’t sell.

Some of the vendors on this list sell both mens and womens clothing but it’s mostly suppliers that specialize in mens apparel.

0:00 Intro
2:23 What I Would Do If I Were To Start A Mens Clothing Company
3:05 Handshake
4:20 Faire
5:12 Vustra
6:06 FindYourCoast (FYC) Apparel
6:42 Spiritex
7:15 Railcare Fine Goods
7:51 Raga
8:25 Poplin & Co.
9:13 Signal Clothing
9:49 Me & Henry
10:54 Merlino Street
11:21 Zanouchi
11:57 Publish
12:40 Chinese Men’s Clothing Vendors

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  1. YOU ´RE WRONG, All product in USA is extremely expensive, CHINA is the solution and an ideal place for all humanity.
    It will not be necessary to buy products where they cost all the salary

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