(10 Dec 1999) Mandarin/Nat

Story: Chinese Fashion
Location: Beijing
Dur: 2:43

The cream of China’s fashion industry have taken to the catwalk in Beijing this week, eager to prove they are catching up with the best world designers.

The show at Beijing’s Minority Grand Theatre is part of Chinese Fashion Week, and featured the work of the top twelve Chinese labels. Six of the design houses focused on clothes for men, six on fashion for women.

Primary colours and soft fabrics featured heavily, to reflect the view in China that people want to live more pure and leisurely lives in the 21st century.

As the living standard in China improves, people are spending more on their wardrobes, and becoming more fashion conscious as a result.

Choosier customers together with pressure from increasing foreign imports following China’s membership of the WTO, means competition between domestic design companies is hotting up.

Fashion is seen as an important growth area. Chinese Fashion Week is already seen as an important showcase within China, and this year’s event has attracted more participants than ever.

The designers taking part are hoping to close the gap between their work and the lines produced by leading international fashion houses, confident that they too will be world players before long.

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